Montpellier airport choses TDA Lefébure

For over twenty years, TDA LEFEBURE has been a key provider and maintainer of 400Hz installations at major French airports, numerous international airports, all French air bases equipped with the latest generation aircraft, and for various manufacturers. Recognized for its expertise, TDA LEFEBURE was chosen by Montpellier Airport to integrate, install, and commission 400Hz installations at contact positions.
TDA LEFEBURE will be installing the 400Hz bridge mounted equipment as well as 400Hz type B-pit hatches for aircraft during stopovers.
This project aligns with the ‘Ambition 2026’ plan, aiming to eliminate the use of generators for aircraft on stopover, significantly cutting down CO2 emissions. This initiative underscores Montpellier Airport’s commitment to environmental protection and its efforts in decarbonizing ground operations. By 2025, Montpellier Airport aims to achieve 100% electric-powered aircraft layovers.
These efforts are in sync with the broader European aeronautical industry’s pursuit to diminish emissions, aligning with EU environmental goals.