Pop out pit

BRN 400
The POP OUT Pit is the optimal solution for storing and protecting the 400 Hz aircraft cable for aircraft parked outside on remote positions.
It provides easy handling of the pit and of the cable. When closed, it lies flush with the ground.
Further facilities, such as aircraft grounding cable, can be incorporated in the Pit.
Lifting mechanism operated by counterweights, not influenced by temperature variations. A counterweight system compensating for the weight of the moving cylinder and regulating gas springs, allowing smooth and effortless opening and closing. In the closed position, the top plate offers perfect protection against water and sand intrusion in the pit. In the open position, the cylinder closes the gap and keeps the pit water and sand tight.
Pop out pit
Pop out pit - équipement
Pop out pit - tda

Equipment to be fitted in the pit:

Characteristics and options


Pop out pit - option - tda
Perfect protection against water and sand intrusion in the pit

Easy to maintain:

The electrical box is fixed to a sliding plate : maintenance operations, such as cable exchange, can be performed by moving out the box. No need to remove the pit or go inside the pit