Protection box
The an 400 infra protection box protects the operators in avionics maintenance workshops against risks of electrical shock and protects the equipment under test against risks of overintensities, when this equipment is supplied with 400 hz ac current for maintenance and control operations.
It is widely used in avionics maintenance workshops, military and civil, to ensure a safe electrical power supply of flight instruments and equipment under repair, maintenance, test,…
This box is protected by different patents.
A 400

Characteristics and options

This box is fitted with:

Dimensions of the case:

The continuity security cable is 3 meters long. It is fitted at one end with pliers for connection to the metallic ground of the equipment under test, at the other end with a jack plug and a pin connector for connection to the AN 400 INFRA protection box.
In order to use the protection box in full security, the upstream power supply must be in TN-C (combined Protective Earth and Neutral)