Focus on the PR400 400Hz connector

In the absence of a 400Hz connector on the market that fully meets its clients’ needs in terms of quality, reliability, and cost, TDA LEFEBURE has developed its own 400Hz connector, available with 0, 2, or 4 buttons.
For over 30 years, TDA LEFEBURE has been designing, producing, selling, and maintaining 400Hz equipment, ranging from generation to distribution all the way to the aircraft. Upon request from its clients, TDA has developed a 400Hz connector, which improves quality and reliability well beyond any equipment available until now.
The materials of its components, derived from the latest research, guarantee the highest level of durability for year-after-year use at the busiest aircraft parking positions and under challenging operating conditions. The maintainability is optimized as every electrical component, switch, LED, and contact is easily interchangeable. Additionally, easy access to auxiliary wires facilitates repairs, further enhancing maintainability.

Part numbers (other configurations available on request).